Rugby Union


Born from rugged determination and camaraderie, Rugby Union is a thrilling spectacle of strategy, strength, and stamina, uniting fans in a shared love for the game. Two teams of 12 players each collide on the pitch, battling to carry or kick an oval-shaped ball across the opponent's try line. It's a game of relentless tackles, strategic kicks, and lightning-fast passes. The scrum and lineout add a unique dimension, showcasing teamwork and skill.

Games Entry Fee

This is a once off fee regardless of how many sports you participate in.

Entry Fee: $99

Sport Entry Fee

$50 per person


Must have 12 players registered within the team. All players must turn 35 or older in year of competition.


More information on the competition and associated social events will be added closer to the Games.

Age Categories

Age determined as of 31 December 2024.

Minimum age 35 years.


Men/Women 35+


Address: Jim McConville Oval, 58 Milner Rd, NT


Northern Territory Rugby Union

Sports coordinator: Leanne Bennett