Bats, balls and gloves. The three essential ingredients for Softball are the same as in Baseball, but that’s where any similarities between the two games end. With a smaller playing field, larger balls and shorter bats, softball players also pitch underhand which places this sport in a league of its own. Watch teams battle it out as they hit their home runs out of the park.

Games Entry Fee

This is a once off fee regardless of how many sports you participate in.

Entry Fee: $99

Sport Entry Fee

$170 per person


Softballers can enter 2 division/s, but must stay in their own division first or play less than 3 games to stay in their own division. Softball has only got division 1 or 2 in the Masters Games.


More information on the competition and associated social events will be added closer to the Games.

Age Categories

Age determined as of 31 December 2024.

Minimum age:

35 years (Womens)


35+ Division 1 & 2

Number of Participant Requirements

Minimum number of participants required to conduct competition: 100 participants (maximum 200)


Address: Jim McConville Softball Diamonds, Memorial Drive, NT


Alice Springs Softball League Association

Sports coordinator: Vanessa Stokes & Beryl Peckham