It takes strength, stamina and skill to take part in Equestrian sports. Dressage, jumping, and eventing all demand a far-ranging set of physical and mental skills. Even more so at competition level. Revel in the expert horsemanship, balance, deft communication and resilience as both horse and rider are put through their paces.

Games Entry Fee

This is a once off fee regardless of how many sports you participate in.

Entry Fee: $99

Sport Entry Fee

$250 per person


As per Pony Club Australia rules. Gear rules as per Pony Club NT Handbook. Discipline specific rules as per Equestrian Australia and Western Dressage Australia. (PCANT will be affiliated with both organisations.) Riders may be restricted to two dressage tests per day pending numbers of registrations.


More information on the competition and associated social events will be added closer to the Games.

Age Categories

Age determined as of 31 December 2024.

Minimum age 26 years.


Pony Club Australia Rules and Policies Discipline specific:

1. Dressage and Show Jumping - Equestrian Australia

2. Western Dressage - Western Dressage Australia

3. Ranch Riding Ranch Riding Association of Australia

Mixed divisions 26 to 34 years; 35 to 44 years, 45 - 59, 60+.

Number of Participant Requirements

Minimum number of participants to conduct competition: 20 participants (maximum 40)


Address: Blatheskite Park, Len Kittle Drive, NT


Pony Club Association of the Northern Territory

Sports coordinator: Ruth Hanssen

Email: r.hanssen66@gmail.com