Athletics – Road & Trail


Strap on those running shoes and prepare to embark on an exhilarating and diverse journey in Trail running. It's a foot-pounding, heart-pumping adventure where participants tackle two distinct terrains in a long-distance race. It’s all about speed on the road and off the beaten track it’s a test of endurance, agility and navigating challenging and unpredictable paths.

Games Entry Fee

This is a once off fee regardless of how many sports you participate in.

Entry Fee: $99

Sport Entry Fee

$70 per person


More information on the competition and associated social events will be added closer to the Games.

Age Categories

Age determined as of 31 December 2024.

Minimum age 30 years.


15km run Barrett Drive

6km Trail Run (entry Level) Telegraph Station

10KM Run Simpsons Gap

10km Walk Stegar Rd

6km Trail Run (Technical) Kurrajong Drive

5km Walk City Loop

5 Year age gaps

Number of Participant Requirements

Minimum number of participants to conduct competition: 10 participants (maximum 200)


15km run - Saturday 12/10/2024 6:00am Simpsons Gap

10km walk - Sunday 13/10/2024 6:00am – Blain Street Bike Path from Blain Street to Flynn’s Grave

6km trail run (entry level) - Monday 14/10/2024 6:00am – Telegraph Station

5km walk - Tuesday 15/10/2024 6:30am – City Loop

6km technical trail - Wednesday 16/10/2024 6:00am – Kurrajong Drive

Master’s Mile - Thursday 17/10/2024 6:00pm Todd St

10km run - Friday 18/10/2024 6:00am start/finish old quarry Ilparpa Rd


Alice Springs Running & Walking Club

Sports coordinator: Kate Lloyd & Marsha Maule-Murphy