Meet athletics Ambassador Lyn Butterfield

Lyn Butterfield has been part of the Alice Springs Masters Games since its inception in 1986. That year Lyn participated in swimming (where she won a bronze medal) and filled-in for the Gove Men’s Basketball team until they were able to find another male player.

Lyn first began volunteering as an Ambassador for the Games in 1992 and has been doing so ever since. When asked what keeps her volunteering Lyn said,

“The sportsmanship and the ease of attending all venues because of their close proximity certainly is a highlight of why I volunteer for the Games.”

“The community and business involvement is outstanding and it is great to catch up with the volunteers that keep coming back.”

“I first started volunteering in communications. We stood on the corner with two-way radios during cycling events controlling traffic and pedestrians. I used to have to run from venue to venue to collect results. Thank goodness for computers and mobile phones these days.”

Lyn said that the thing she treasured most about the Games is the friendships she has made while volunteering.

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Photo: (left to right) Warwick and Marilyn Barrett, Honorary Games Ambassador Daryl Somers, and Lyn and Gary Butterfield.