Jonesy – 2018 ASMG Triathlon Co-ordinator

Meet Jonesy your Sports Co-ordinator for the 2018 ASMG Triathlon

Ian Jones “Jonesy” is the Sports Co-ordinator Triathlon for the 2018 Alice Springs Masters Games.

Talking to Jonesy about his passion for Triathlon and what it was that enticed him to the sport.

ASMG: How did you get into Triathlon?
Jonesy: I was originally a swimmer but I had a bet in the early 1980’s that I could not be beaten in a Triathlon by a female friend of mine. I then looked up what it was going to take to race in a Triathlon and said to myself I had better start training immediately.

ASMG: What do you like the most about Triathlon?
Jonesy: The Fun! It is just a fun sport to participate in. The people and the comradery are the best ever!  Triathlon caters for everyone. There are events that are big enough to be challenging but not too big to be daunting at this year’s Games.

ASMG: What have you got install for the 2018 ASMG?
Jonesy: We are expecting between 50 – 70 participants. The swimming club, which is the home of Triathlon Alice Springs will be celebrating their 40th Birthday. There will be fun filled social events organised that will include us all to celebrate this outstanding milestone.

ASMG: What would you like to say to people who would like to have a go at Triathlon?
Jonesy: Just do it! Take your time participating in the events. Do a little bit of training and make Triathlon part of your life.