Man of Many Gold Talents

Octogenarian Ian Stewart may have to buy extra baggage allowance after his record medal haul at these Games.

The spritely 81-year old will be weighed down with gold and silver when he returns home to Western Australia after amassing an amazing 13 medals this year. His feat is all the more impressive because he did it in the pool and at the track.

Stewart has been swimming since he was nine years old, and this week he went on to win eight gold medals and break seven Games records in the pool.

He swam a mixture of strokes including breast, back and freestyle over distances ranging from 25m to 100m.

And if that wasn’t enough, Stewart filled in his time by winning a gold in shot put and silver in long jump, triple jump, discus throw and the M80 javelin throw.

He would have also entered the 1500m in the pool and the Masters Mile – but he’s had to retire early with a pulled muscle.

Stewart is a seasoned Games veteran, being to every Alice Springs Masters Games since 1996 and only missing the 2014 Games.

His first Masters challenge was the World Masters Games in Brisbane in 1994 where he won silver and bronze.

Stewart loves the competition at the Alice Springs Masters Games but says the highlight for him this year was getting to shake swimming legend Dawn Fraser’s hand – not just once but for six of his 13 medal presentations.

He said he’s looking forward to returning in 2018 to see if he can break even more records.