Even Musos Can Jump

The Alice Springs Masters Games attracts all sorts – even superstar musicians.

Alice Springs-raised music legend, Ian Moss, has seen the light and is taking part in his first Games.

Moss was lured to the Games by long-time friend and owner of 8HA radio Roger Harris to play in the Tjilpis (pronounced chill-pees) basketball team. The team is made up of men all over the age of 60.

Moss, 61, is best known as a guitarist and occasional vocalist with Cold Chisel. He went on to have his own successful solo career.

Cold Chisel reformed in 2011, performing 24 shows in Australia and another two in New Zealand on their Light the Nitro tour.

Last year they visited 13 major Australian regional centres and capital cities in their One Night Stand tour.

Moss arrived in Alice Springs on Monday morning, fresh from a gig in Perth on Sunday night.

“I’d been on the ground for five minutes and was straight into a game,” he said.

“I don’t normally play basketball, but I do maintain quite a strict fitness regime so I’ve pulled up OK, though I must point out we were really only playing for fun.”

Despite leaving Alice Springs 40 years ago to move to Sydney, Moss said that Alice Springs “still feels like home”. And he said he’d enjoyed his time at the Games.

“This truly is the Friendly Games with the social aspect of the event as much of a lure as the sport itself,” he said.

“I’ve had a great time catching up with old friends, making new ones and remembering the Alice of old. Maybe I’ll even make it back for the next ones.”

Let’s hope he comes back to not only compete but to perform at the next Games in 2018.