Advisory Committee


Damien Ryan (Chairman) – Mayor of Alice Springs.

Paul Bailey – Community Representative

John Boyle – Community Representative

Pippa Tessmann – Community Representative

Kay Eade – Community Representative

Stephen Schwer – CEO, Tourism Central Australia

Phillip Leslie – Executive Director, Sport and Recreation

Jim Lawrie – Events Manager, Sport and Recreation


The Alice Springs Masters Games (The Games), known as The Friendly Games, have been held in Alice Springs bi-annually in October since 1986. The Games attract masters-aged participants in over 30 sports. There are over 500 volunteers and a number of full time Departmental staff employed to deliver the Games.


The Alice Springs Masters Games (ASMG) 2016 Advisory Committee will function in an advisory role to the Department of Sport and Recreation (DSR) and Minister for Sport and Recreation for the delivery of the 2016 Alice Springs Masters Games.


a. To assist in establishing and maintaining constructive relationships between the Alice Springs Masters Games key stakeholders and the wider community.
b. To engage key stakeholders in Alice Springs to ensure they are informed and supportive of the event
c. To provide feedback as plans and concepts for the ASMG 2016 are developed.
d. To provide a conduit for the dissemination of information to and input from the community and other key stakeholders.
e. To provide the Minister with regular briefings on the progress of the Games.
f. To provide feedback and have input into the debrief process following the event.


The Advisory Committee will comprise of six members of the Alice Springs community.

Selection Process

Members will be selected based on the broad skills they can bring to the Committee, e.g. sporting representation, economic development, community development, tourism and their links to the community. A call for Expressions of Interest will be advertised in local newspapers and on the Alice Springs Masters Games website. Nominees will be asked to fill in a one-page form highlighting their interest in the development of the Alice Springs Masters Games, their links to the community, their broad skill set and their availability to meet. Members will be selected on the basis of their response to the criteria on the Expressions of Interest form.

Meeting Arrangements

a. The Advisory Committee will meet monthly or as arranged by the Chair at other times.
b. DSR will provide secretariat support for the Advisory Committee.
c. Agendas will be prepared and distributed to members prior to the meeting, with all members given the opportunity to add items prior to its final distribution or to raise additional items at the meeting to be included on ‘Any Other Business’.
d. Minutes from each meeting will be prepared and issued to members in draft for comments.
e. Finalised minutes will be presented at the meeting with a copy retained on file by DSR.